Simplicity Snowblowers

November 8th, 2010

Simplicity is a leading manufacturer of tractors, mowers and snow throwers. It’s part of the Briggs & Stratton Power Products Group and is their official outdoor equipment brand. Simplicity snowblowers are known for superior traction, comfort, reliability and ease of use. They offer 12 different walk-behind models of snowblowers ranging from compact single-stage snowblowers, intermediate dual-stage snowblowers, large frame dual-stage snowblowers and signature pro commercial duty dual-stage snowblowers so that you can find your match. Find the right Simplicity snowblower for you depending on average annual snowfall, clearing width, throwing distance and maneuverability. Simplicity snowblowers feature Briggs & Stratton Snow Series engines, Free Hand Control, Easy Turn, Power Boost System, great tires and a rotating chute. When winter is at its worst, Simplicity Snowblowers can help you get through it.

John Deere Snowblowers

November 8th, 2010

John Deere is one of the biggest manufacturers of agriculture and construction equipment in the world. John Deere’s mowers and tractors are well-known all over the world for its high quality and durability. That is why you know you can rely on John Deere snowblowers to do the job. They offer both single-stage and two-stage snowblowers and although they may be priced a little bit higher, you know they can handle heavy snow work because they feature Briggs & Stratton 4-cycle engines or Snow Series MAX, as well as X-Trac tires. They also have 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds and are easy to maneuver with the Quick Turn drive system and free hand controls. John Deere snowblowers are sold in their extensive dealer network so they are available almost everywhere. If you favour products made by a company you can trust, you should go for a John Deere snowblower.

Best Snowblowers – Gas

November 8th, 2010

Electric snowblowers may be low maintenance and more eco-friendly, but sometimes, you really need a gas snowblower. A gas snowblower means no power cord to drag around, yet you need to mix oil and gas for fuel. Just like your lawnmower, it requires tuning and is larger and heavier than its electric counterparts. It’s also much more expensive. If you’re prepared to make the investment though, its powerful engine will help you survive the winter season much easier.

Here are the bestselling gas snowblowers in

1. Poulan Pro PR624ES Snow Thrower is a gas-powered snowblower with an option of electric start. It has a 24-inch wide and 23-inch intake height coverage. It’s best for residential use in areas with light to moderate snowfall. It’s equipped with 13-inch deeply treaded tires made for snowy terrain. Its drive speed lever allows you to control speed and direction and its traction drive lever lets you engage and disengage the drive system quickly. Poulan Pro PR624ES is a two-stage snowblower that lets you remove snow faster and throw it farther. It works more efficiently than single-stage snowblowers because it has an auger that removes snow and an impeller to throw it away. If you’re looking for a powerful gas snowblower, Poulan Pro PR624ES is an excellent choice.

2. Powerland PDST24 is a two-stage gas snowblower that can throw snow up to more than 20 feet. It’s equipped with a 6 ½ horsepower air-cooled OHV CARB-certified engine that can clear 24 inches wide and 21 inches high snow on one go. You can’t match the mobility it provides since you don’t have to plug it in making it perfect for long driveways and sidewalks. It also has an electric starter perfect for cold mornings. If you need a CARB-compliant and slightly less expensive alternative, Powerland PDST24 is perfect for you.

3. A gas snowblower built for light duty use, Murray 1695537 Single-Stage Snowblower features a Briggs & Stratton 4-cycle engine that doesn’t require you to mix gas and oil together to power it up. It has a clearing width of 21 inches and an intake height of 12 ½ inches. It’s ideal for clearing 4 to 6 inches of snow in paved driveways and sidewalks. It’s compact and its handle folds down for easy storage during the off-season. Furthermore, it features a clog-resistant chute that saves you time when you’re clearing wet snow. You can’t beat the value of the Murray 1695537 when it comes to large paved driveways and sidewalks. Sometimes, you just can’t settle for an electric.

Honda Snowblowers

November 8th, 2010

There may be a lot of snowblowers available on the market today, but Honda’s snowblower product line is definitely in the running for being the best one out there. First of all, they are equipped with Honda engines, which have been long recognized as a leading provider of reliable, quiet and fuel-efficient power. Honda engines boast of durability, good fuel economy, low emissions and easy starting and you can only find them on a Honda snowblower.

There are single-stage and two-stage Honda snowblowers. Their single-stage snowblowers work best for lightweight use and are compact, lightweight, easy-starting and smooth-running. They’re also easy to maneuver and store. On the other hand, Honda’s two-stage snowblowers use heavy duty, height-adjustable ice-breaking serrated augers that work a lot better in heavily crusted snow. They also provide superior traction, are low maintenance and meet or exceed CARB and EPA emission standards. Best of all, Honda offers great dealer support and service on their snowblowers. You can’t argue with that.

Best Snowblowers – Electric

November 8th, 2010

Checking out snowblower reviews and ratings allows you to find the best products that will suit your needs. Because of the number of snowblowers available on the market today, choosing the right one for you can be overwhelming. You should take into account getting the best value for your buck and a product that can fulfill your snow clearing needs and balance it out. To help you out, we are listing the bestselling electric snowblowers with high snowblower ratings and reviews so that you can make an informed decision.

1. The Toro 1800 Power Curve has been around for a long time. The newer 38381 model better than the previous. It has an 18-inch clearing width and has a single-pass snow cut depth of up to 12 inches. It’s best used for small driveways and walkways, concrete or asphalt surfaces and light to medium snowfalls. It’s an electric snowblower and does not require the maintenance that gas snowblowers entail. That means no gas and oil to mix and no power cord to watch out for when maneuvering through snow. It also starts as quick as you plug it in. It’s lightweight, yet hardworking. If you want a reliable snow blower from a company that you can trust, Toro 1800 Power Curve is the one for you.

2. If you only need to clear steps, walkways, decks and small driveways, try Toro Power Shovel. It is a 7 ½ amp electric snow blower that can cut 6 inches deep and 12 inches wide per pass. It can throw snow up to 20 feet and is easy to operate and maintain. It only weighs 13 pounds so you can lift, turn or twist it without breaking a sweat. It’s also eco-friendly because it doesn’t use gas or oil. It’s the best value snowblower for light duty snow clearing. With over a hundred 5-star reviews in Amazon, you know you’re making the right choice with the Toro Power Shovel.

3. Snow Joe Ultra 622 is also one of the best snowblowers out there. Snow Joe Ultra 622 is manufactured to cut up to 19 inches wide and 11 inches deep on one pass with its durable 4-blade, heavy-grade steel rotor. It’s an electric snowblower with an easy push-button instant start. What’s great about it is that it matches the power that gas snowblowers have with the convenience of an electric unit. It’s very easy to maneuver because of its easy-glide pivot wheels. It also features an adjustable discharge chute that allows you to control the direction by which the snow is thrown. Moreover, it’s equipped with a scraper blade at the base to make driveways and walkways much safer to pass through. Snow Joe Ultra 622 will let you take on heavy snowfall on large driveways and walkways. No need to look for something else.

Giant Snowblowers

November 8th, 2010

Sometimes, compact snowblowers just won’t cut it. If you need to clear away thick and hard snow in much less time it takes to do it using smaller machines, you just have to use giant snowblowers. Giant snowblowers have the strength and durability to break through over 12 inches of snow coverage, as well as in commercial and industrial settings.

Giant snowblowers are equipped with very powerful engines that are capable of clearing hardened snow that is too thick for the compact snowblowers to handle. Some models can be difficult to handle due to their size and weight so easy maneuverability and free wheel steering are must-haves. You can benefit from drift cutters and great tires that provide maximum traction as well.

Here are the top-rated giant snowblowers from, and

1. Troy-Bilt Storm 3090 XP 31AH55Q5711 is a powerful two-stage gas snow blower that’s built for heavy and wet snow. It has a 30-inch clearing path and a single-pass snow cut depth of up to 21 inches. In addition, it has power steering, single-handed operation, heated handgrips, a headlight and joystick chute control. It’s similar to Troy-Bilt Storm 2410, except it has extras that make it much more user-friendly. Read more about it at

2. Yard Machines 31AS6FEF700 is another great giant snowblower. It’s a Consumer Guide Best Buy. It offers a 26-inch clearing path and a 21-inch intake height. It also has six forward speeds and two reverse speeds excellent for clearing deep and plowed-in driveways. It’s equipped with 15-inch tires that provide maximum traction even in icy conditions and the electric start and quick reaction are added bonuses. It’s reasonably priced especially because of its great engine and features.

3. Cub Cadet 31AH5LTT710 is another Consumer Guide Best Buy. It offers a 28-inch clearing path and 21-inch intake and because of its 10-horsepower and large size, it can handle heavy and wet snow without slowing you down. It has a 12-inch auger and a 12-inch impeller that lets you power your way through heavy snow and tough ice without clogging it out. It has an electric start, but can also be pull-started. Another great feature is its ease of use. Consumer Guide even recommends it over smaller machines for women and those of smaller stature. This is attributed to its all-wheel drive. There’s no tugging needed because of its incredible power. It has six forward speeds and two reverse speeds too, as well as large tires and a headlight.

If your compact snowblower doesn’t cut it anymore, get a giant snowblower that can do the job for you. Giant snowblowers may be more expensive and require a lot of space to store, but is simply the best way to go for thick and deep snow coverage.

Ariens Snowblowers

November 5th, 2010

Ariens carries various types of snow blowers for both households and snow clearing professionals and are available at most outdoor power equipment dealers, as well as Home Depot. One of the leading manufacturers for snow clearing products, you’ll surely find something for your needs with the different models they offer. They have single- and two-stage snow blowers powered by gas to clear areas with swaths 22 to 26 inches wide. You can also find aftermarket Ariens snow blower parts such as gear cases, bearings, scrapers, drive discs, friction discs, work shafts and gear assembly for all their models, so you can use your Ariens snow blower longer.

Craftsman Snow Blowers

November 5th, 2010

Craftsman is another leading manufacturer of snow removal solutions. They also cater to both households and snow removal professionals, having gas-powered single- and two-stage snow blowers with electric start for widths of 20 to 28 inches, and attachments that can accommodate up to 45 inches. Craftsman snow blowers are made for Sears and available on both Sears and Kmart, as well as some online retailers.

What Snow Blower is right for you?

November 5th, 2010

If you live in an area with snowy winters, you must be faced with the problem of removing snow in areas where you do not want it such as driveways, sidewalks and other areas. For people unfamiliar with snow blowers, this is a tedious task, especially with the extreme cold you need to withstand to perform the snow removal. This task totally takes away the fun in the snow. Shoveling the snow out of the way not only hurts your back because of the bending and lifting, it also wastes a lot of your valuable time. Because of the emergence of snow blowers or snow throwers in the market today, you’ll be back to enjoying the snow.

Although snow blowers may not come cheap, these things are becoming a necessity especially in areas with heavy and thick snow. To make the most of your investment, you need to find the right snow blower for your own needs. You do not want to use a shovel if you have a long driveway, and conversely, you would not want to overspend on the biggest and baddest snow blower if you have a short driveway. The following are factors you should consider before swiping your credit card.

Think about the area you need to clear. If you’re just looking to clear a small area like the path to your front door, single-stage snow blowers are sufficient for your needs. Single-stage snow blowers use high-speed impellers to force the snow out the discharge chute to get it out of the way. But if your snow gets a few feet thick each time, you may require a two-stage snow blower. This heavy duty machinery is capable of breaking up the snow and ice before blowing or projecting it out of the way.

Another factor you should consider is the amount of noise you can stand. Two-stage snow blowers can be extremely noisy, which may irk your neighbors if they are particularly sensitive. This machine operates very loudly and resembles commercial construction equipment. If noise is an issue, you’re better off going for more quiet options. Anyway, most models are marked with decibel levels for your convenience. While the electric-powered snow blowers may be less noisy than their gas-powered counterparts, they may be less efficient in doing the task of removing snow so do take this into consideration.

Also, what surface will you be clearing snow from? If your driveway is primarily covered with gravel, cross out single-stage snow blowers on your list. These blowers might be dangerous to use with the gravel because it will not just blow out snow, but also the pebbles and rocks in the area. Two-stage snow blowers work best for areas with loose surfaces.

Lastly, consider which power source you prefer for your snow blower. If you do not want to deal with power cords or may not have a power outlet nearby, a gas-powered blower will be ideal for you. But, if you do not want to think about regular refueling, choose an electric-powered snow blower. Think about this trade-off before making your purchase.

Whatever you choose, snow blowers are must-haves for households living in areas that experience long and difficult winters. After using this guide, you’ll realize you don’t need the most expensive model to get the most competent snow clearing for your situation. Be smart and you’ll find yourself enjoying the winter season again.

Gas Powered Two Stage Snow Blowers

November 5th, 2010

Gas-powered two-stage snow blowers have the same auger that picks up the snow, but they are also equipped with a fan-like impeller on top of it where the auger throws out the snow out of the chute. They are also propelled by engine-driven wheels for easier maneuverability, which is just fitting because of its size and weight. Two-stage snow-blowers are suited for clearing large driveways and sidewalks with snow thickness past eight inches. They work well even with steep surfaces and their swath size can handle up to 28 to 30 inches of width. For gravel surfaces, gas-powered two-stage snow blowers are the only option because its auger does not touch the ground. They are also the most expensive type, take up a lot of space and require regular maintenance.

If you’re on the market for snow blowers, study these various types to find what will work best for your needs. After all, these things do not come cheap.